Everything started around the end of 2020 and with a lot of thoughts & ideas in the summer of 2022 we are introducing our brand SKARELE / scarf for everyday.

For us, SCARF is an accessory item that is a MUST - just to add a little spice by elevating everyday look or shielding us from the wind. We believe that there is no other accessory that could be so useful no matter the season: spring/summer or autumn/winter, the scarf could always find a place in everyday look.

Our mission is to offer stylish yet effortless scarfs that could easily compliment your wardrobe and be a most worn accessory piece.

Whether you're a mom who needs an easy way to look put-together during the school run, or a millennial who wants a statement piece, SKARELE has got you covered. Our scarves are so versatile that they can be worn multiple ways and timeless enough to be paired with any outfit, but trendy enough to stand out in any crowd!

SKARELE was created because we wanted to offer women everywhere an accessory they could use every day, no matter the season or age.