Store rules

General provisions.

1.1 These Rules of Purchase and Sale of Goods (hereinafter referred to as the Rules), together with the documents specified in these Rules, are intended to establish the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Buyer and the Seller when purchasing the goods by e-mail. in the store 

1.2 The Seller reserves the right to change, amend or supplement the rules at any time in accordance with the requirements established by law. The buyer is informed by e-mail. store website.

 1.3 When the buyer purchases e-mail. the rules in force at the time of placing the order apply to the store. 


  1. Seller Information

 2.1 The Rules apply to the purchase of Goods at The seller is UAB FORMA A, legal entity code 302538374, VAT payer code LT100006151915, registered office address Audros str. 3, Kaunas, LT-48294. 

  1. Display of goods and goods in the online store

3.1. The images of the Goods presented in the online store are for illustrative purposes only. The Seller cannot guarantee that the screen of the Buyer's device will accurately reflect the colors of the Goods. The Buyer understands that the Goods may differ slightly from their images.

3.2 The goods available in the online store are available.

3.3 In the event that the ordered Goods are no longer available in the online store, the Buyer shall be immediately notified by e-mail or other means (by call and / or SMS).

3.4 The Seller has the right to set the minimum and / or maximum order quantity of the Goods for one item at a time.


  1. Protection of personal data

 4.1 Order goods by e-mail in the store Buyer can:

4.1.1 by registering for this email. in the store;

4.1.2 without registering for this email. in the store.

4 .2 Buyer when ordering goods

4.1. In the ways provided for in the Rules, the relevant information fields provided by the Seller must indicate the Buyer's personal data necessary for the proper execution of the order of goods: name, surname, delivery address, postal code, telephone number and e-mail. email address. is not responsible for incorrectly entered data.

4.3 The Buyer, when registering by e-mail in the store, when ordering goods, undertakes to store and not disclose login details to anyone.

 4.4 The Seller undertakes to ensure the security of the Data Subject's personal data.

4.5 The personal data collected is stored in printed documents and / or in the Company's information systems. Personal data shall be processed for no longer than is necessary for the purposes of the processing or for no longer than required by the data subjects and / or provided for by law.

4.6 Although the data subject may terminate the contract and withdraw from the Company's services, the Company must continue to retain the data subject's data in the event of future claims or legal claims until the data retention period expires.

 4.7 The goods in this online store can be purchased by persons at least 16 years old.


  1. Ordering goods, prices, payment, terms

5.1 In the e-shop The buyer can buy 24 hours a day, seven days a week

5.2 Prices in the online store are in EUR with VAT

5.3 The Purchase Agreement between the e-shop and the Buyer shall take effect from the moment the Buyer clicks "confirm order" and the Seller confirms the status of the order upon receipt.

5.4 The buyer pays for the goods in one of the selected prepayment methods:

5.4.1 payment by e-mail in banking using the e-mail used by the Buyer. banking system. The Buyer transfers the money to the e-mail. store checking account. The responsibility for data security in this case lies with the respective bank, as all monetary transactions take place via the bank's e-mail. in the banking system.

 5.4.2. Payment by bank transfer, when the Buyer goes to the nearest bank branch, transfers the money to e-mail. store bank account.

 5.5 Preparation of the goods shall begin only upon receipt of the Buyer's payment confirmation


  1. Delivery of goods

6.1 The Buyer undertakes to indicate the exact place of delivery of the goods.

 6.2 The fee for the delivery service is specified in the e-mail. on the store page and valid at the time of placing the order for the goods.

6.3 The buyer undertakes to accept the goods himself. In the event that the Buyer is unable to accept the goods himself and the goods are delivered to the specified address, the Buyer shall not have the right to make claims to the Seller regarding the delivery of the goods to the wrong entity.

6.4 Goods are delivered by Lithuanian Post or DPD

6.5 The Seller delivers the goods to the Buyer in accordance with the terms specified in the descriptions of the goods. After payment, orders will be shipped within 1-9d.d. The specified deadlines are preliminary, delivery times may vary depending on the holiday period or other unforeseen circumstances.

6.6 In all cases, the Seller shall be released from liability for violation of the terms of delivery of the goods, if the goods are not delivered to the Buyer or are not delivered on time due to the fault of the Buyer or due to circumstances beyond the Seller's control.

6.7 In all cases, the Buyer who notices any damage to the packaging during delivery must comment on the delivery document submitted by post or courier or draw up a separate report on such damage. The Buyer must do this in the presence of a courier or collect the goods at the post office. If the Buyer fails to inspect the packaging, the delivered goods, their quantity and / or the consignment delivery document submitted by the courier / post office, these consignments are considered to be fit and undamaged.

6.8 In all cases, the Buyer must immediately inform the Seller if the consignment is presented in a damaged package, if the consignment contains unordered goods or their incorrect quantity, incomplete goods.


  1. Return of goods

7.1 Defects in goods shall be eliminated, goods shall be replaced and returned in accordance with the Minister of Economy 2001. June 29 by order no. 217 “On Approval of the Rules for Return and Exchange of Items” (Official Gazette Valstybės žinios, 2001, No. 58-2105), within 14 working days from the date of collection of the consignment.

7.2 For exchange and return of goods it is necessary to contact in advance by e-mail. by mail.

7.3 Exchange and return of goods is possible only if:

7.3.1 the returned item was not worn

7.3.2 there is no defect in the returned goods

7.3.3 the returned goods have not lost their appearance

7.3.4 the returned goods must be in the original neat packaging

7.4 All gifts received with the returned item must be returned with the returned item

7.5 If the goods are not fully assembled, damaged, untidy or not properly packaged, the Seller has the right not to accept the goods, not to change them and not to return the buyer's money paid for the goods.

7.6 Goods are returned at the buyer's expense - i.e. shipping costs are paid by the buyer

7.7 Upon receipt of the returned goods by the Seller, the Seller shall check the condition, quantity, range of the returned goods and inform the Buyer after assessing whether the goods comply with the conditions of the returned goods. For returned goods that meet the conditions of the returned goods, the money is returned within 30 days to the account from which the payment for the returned goods was made.

7.8 The Seller may not refund the amounts paid by the Buyer until the goods have been returned to the Seller. 7.9 When returning or exchanging the goods, the Buyer shall not be reimbursed for the delivery costs of the goods paid by the Seller.


  1. Liability

8.1 The Buyer is fully responsible for the accuracy of the personal data provided by the Buyer. If the Buyer does not provide accurate personal data in the registration form, the Seller is not responsible for the consequences.

8.2. Buyer is responsible for actions taken using email. in the store

8.3. The buyer is responsible for transferring his login details to third parties. If the e. The services provided by the store are used by a third party connected to the e-mail. stores using the Buyer's login details, the Seller considers this person to be the Buyer.

8.4. Seller, to the extent not inconsistent with applicable law, is relieved of any liability in cases where the loss results from the Buyer's failure to read these Rules, the Privacy Policy and other documents referred to in these Rules without regard to the Seller's recommendations and obligations, although he was given such an opportunity.

8.4.1 An event beyond the control of the Seller means any act or event beyond the reasonable control of the Seller.

8.5 The Seller is not responsible for the information provided on the websites of other companies, even if the Buyer accesses these websites via links in the Seller's online store.