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Meet the OPAL TOTE-BAG – an ode to handcrafted excellence and leather uniqueness. A symphony of individuality meticulously crafted from cutting edge to final stitch, each lamb leather masterpiece is as distinctive as fingerprints, distinct in its texture, smoothness, and intricate details.

Much like opals revealing hidden brilliance, the OPAL TOTE-BAG unfolds a spectrum of uniqueness. Every cut and stitch is a mark of dedication, creating a creation that defies replication. Luxurious silk yarn intertwines with the lamb leather, forming an elegant fusion that not only binds but also elevates the tactile experience.

Elevate your daily rituals with a touch of rebellion, a dash of artistry, and a whole lot of uniqueness. Unveil the OPAL TOTE-BAG – because in a world of replicas, your journey deserves the authenticity of a creation that is unequivocally yours.

OPAL TOTE-BAG - the assurance that no two are alike.

Note: *each tote-bag is different **limited edition of 26 tote-bags


MATERIAL: 100% LAMB LEATHER (Italy) COLOR: beige CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Dry cleaning is recommended


  1. Defects in goods shall be eliminated, goods shall be replaced and returned in accordance with the 2001 June 29 by order no. 217 “On Approval of the Rules for Return and Exchange of Items” (Official Gazette Valstybės žinios, 2001, No. 58-2105), within 14 working days from the date of collection of the consignment.
  2. Exchange and return of goods shall be possible only if:

2.1 The returned product was not worn

2.2 There is no defect in the returned goods

2.3 the returned goods have not lost their appearance

2.4 The returned product must be in the original neat packaging

  1. All gifts received with the returned item must be returned with the returned item
  2. If the goods are not complete, damaged, untidy or not properly packaged, the Seller has the right not to accept the goods, not to change them and not to return the buyer's money paid for the goods.
  3. The goods are returned at the expense of the buyer - i.e. shipping costs are paid by the buyer
  4. For exchange and return of goods it is necessary to contact in advance by e-mail. by mail.

When the returned product reaches the Seller, the Seller checks the condition, quantity, range of the returned product and informs the Buyer after assessing whether the goods meet the conditions of the returned product. For returned goods that meet the conditions of the returned goods, the money is returned within 30 days to the account from which the payment for the returned goods was made.

Delivery methods

Deadlines for sending goods:
* after ordering the goods and making the payment before 14:00, the goods will be sent within 1-2 days.
* after ordering the goods and making the payment after 14:00, the goods will be sent within 2-3 days
* after ordering the goods and making the payment on a non-working day, the goods will be sent within 2-3 days
If the status of your order has not been renewed within the specified period, please contact us by e-mail.




1.1 DELIVERY to the selected DPD LOCKER within 2-5 days. Delivery fee 2.79 Eur. Make sure the contacts are listed correctly, otherwise the delivery time may be longer.

1.2 DELIVERY OF THE ORDER AT THE SPECIFIC ADDRESS WITH COURIER. Delivery fee 5.99 Eur. Make sure the contacts are listed correctly, otherwise the delivery time may be longer. Shipments are not delivered on weekends.

2. WITHDRAWAL OF GOODS at the collection point at Palangos str. 16, Kaunas (SKARELE store, entry from Kurpių str.), goods are delivered FREE OF CHARGE
2.1 It is necessary for the buyer to receive a confirmation e-mail or SMS message about the pick-up of the finished goods.




3. SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. We are shipping worldwide using LT post services and sending directly to address provided by the buyer. Delivery fee is from 10.50 Eur (according to buyers adress). Make sure the contacts are listed correctly, otherwise the delivery time may be longer. 

• In the event of unforeseen circumstances, reserves the right to extend the delivery time by informing the customer by e-mail.