Welcome to the 'SKARELE' World: Unveiling Our Passion for Scarves

Welcome to the 'SKARELE' World: Unveiling Our Passion for Scarves

Welcome to our very first blog post at “SKARELE”! We're thrilled to begin this new writing journey alongside fellow scarf enthusiasts like you.

As we venture into the world of blogging, we want to start by sharing what defines our brand, our deep affection for scarves, and offer you an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek.

Have you ever wondered why a simple piece of fabric holds the incredible power to transform an ordinary outfit into something extraordinary? Or how a scarf seamlessly adapts to ever-changing seasons and styles, becoming a timeless accessory for people of all ages? These are the questions that have ignited our passion for scarves, and they are precisely what we aim to explore in this exciting journey with you.

Join us as we dive into the evolution of scarves, the birth of “SKARELE”, and the creative inspiration that has led us to where we are today. Within these words, we hope you'll not only find inspiration but also catch a glimpse of our genuine love for scarves.

So, without further ado, let's embark on this scarf-tastic adventure together. May your scarf collection continue to grow as beautifully as the stories we're about to share.

Why Scarves?

The world of fashion and the creative process has always been an integral part of our lives. During our school years, we explored various styles, just like many of you. One of us delved into fashion magazines and grew up with a mother who excelled in styling everyday outfits, while the other's mother was and still is an artist.

One day, the idea of creating our own brand became irresistibly compelling, and we began brainstorming ideas. Our primary goal was to offer something impactful and genuinely useful. The concept of scarves emerged as the leading idea because, for us, a SCARF is an essential accessory. It effortlessly elevates everyday attire and shields us from the wind. We firmly believe that no other accessory is as versatile and indispensable, regardless of the season—the scarf seamlessly complements any ensemble.

Moreover, from our earliest memories at the tender age of 3-4, scarves held a special place in our lives. They were not just tools our mothers used to style our outfits; they were also our companions in staying warm during the fall and spring and keeping cool in the summer months. So, this is how the concept of scarves, with their versatility and ability to enhance what we already cherished, became an integral part of our daily style and comfort.

The Birth of the Brand Name: “SKARELE”

The name “SKARELE”, which means "scarf" in English translated from Lithuanian, unexpectedly emerged one evening during a relaxed dinner after a long workday. We believed that our brand name should be easily remembered and convey our essence in a single word, and “SKARELE” fit these criteria perfectly. The idea of "“SKARELE”" stuck with us for about a week until we collectively decided that it perfectly encapsulated what we stood for—it's clear, memorable, representative of our offerings, and has an appealing ring to it. After settling on our brand name, we embarked on another aspect of our creative journey—the creation of our logo. We entertained numerous ideas, sparking a brainstorming session that led us to the realization that a classic logo, with minimal complexity and details, was the way to go. This design choice would ensure that our logo looked stunning on various surfaces.

Our Mission: Creating Effortless Style with Scarves

When we envisioned “SKARELE”, our mission was crystal clear. We aimed to offer scarves that seamlessly blend style and simplicity, allowing them to effortlessly complement your wardrobe as your go-to accessory. Our scarves are designed to be versatile, allowing them to be worn in various ways. They possess a timeless quality that pairs beautifully with any outfit, yet they also exude the trendy flair to make you stand out in any crowd. “SKARELE” was born out of our desire to provide women/men everywhere with an accessory that could be cherished daily, regardless of the season or age.

Our Scarves: More Than Just Accessories

Before “SKARELE”, we cherished scarves and had one or two favorites that we frequently incorporated into our outfits. However, after establishing “SKARELE”, our scarves became indispensable to us. We don't leave our homes without one of them. If not draped elegantly as part of our ensembles, you'll undoubtedly find at least one scarf tucked away in our bags or cars.

In our journey of creating “SKARELE”, scarves have evolved from being mere accessories to becoming an integral part of our lives.

We're thrilled to share our love for scarves with all of you and look forward to the adventures that lie ahead.

Thank you for joining us on this creative journey, and we can't wait to share more stories, tips, and inspiration with you in the posts to come.

Here's to a future adorned with stylish scarves and unforgettable moments!

Welcome to the world of “SKARELE”!
A. x2

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