In the Spotlight: Unwrapping Creativity Process

In the Spotlight: Unwrapping Creativity Process

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Today, we want to tell a little bit about our journey of creative madness process in planning and executing our captivating photo sessions. From the initial spark of an idea to the breathtaking images that adorn our e-shop and social media, every step is a thrilling dance of creativity and meticulous planning. So, without further ado, let's dive into the heart of our creative process.


Firstly, The Joy of Fabric Unwrapping. The magic begins when our carefully chosen fabrics from the France arrives. Unwrapping these treasures fills us with pure euphoria, like unwrapping a cherished gift on a special day. It's at this moment that we dive into a world of possibilities, envisioning the exquisite scarves we're about to create.

Then, Crafting the Vision. Once our fabrics are in the capable hands of our artisans, we immerse ourselves in shaping the vision and aesthetics of the upcoming photo session. While our initial photoshoots took place within the comforting confines of a studio, we've now embraced a more daring path - venturing into location-based shoots that echo the mood and colors of our scarves.


Choosing the Perfect Location. Selecting the right location is an art in itself. Our scarves serve as our muse, whispering the mood and color palette that will seamlessly convey our message. Simultaneously, we gather ideas that complement the chosen location, creating a compelling narrative that's as captivating as our scarves themselves.

Another step - Building Our Dream Team. Beyond our core duo, the two Agnes', we assemble a diverse and talented team that includes makeup and hair artists and one or two assistants. This ensemble collaborates in perfect harmony during the shoot, ensuring that our creative vision materializes as pure magic.


The Art of Pre-Planning. Long before the day of the photo session, we embark on meticulous planning, leaving no creative avenue unexplored. Think of it as preparing for a grand performance. This comprehensive groundwork allows us to focus entirely on executing our vision on the day of the shoot.

Finally, A Fresh Perspective. As we become deeply engrossed in our creative process, it's easy to become too close to the project. To maintain objectivity, we adhere to a rule of revisiting the raw results a few days after the shoot. This fresh perspective serves as our compass, helping us refine our work to perfection.

Whats more, Learning from Challenges. Let us share a little secret with you – if you think that everything runs smoothly without a hiccup, you'd be mistaken. Behind the scenes of every photoshoot, there's a story of challenges and lessons. We've had our fair share of mishaps and unexpected twists along the way. These moments, though often testing our patience, have made us better and stronger. They've taught us to adapt, problem-solve, and always keep our creative spirits high. In the end, it's these very challenges that have added depth and resilience to our creative journey, making each new photoshoot an opportunity to rise above and create something even more extraordinary.


To conclude, from concept to the final photograph, we think of our photo sessions as a symphony of artistry and meticulous planning. We treasure every moment of this journey, from the humble beginnings to the bold and breathtaking outcomes. We create so our scarves would be a testament to our unwavering dedication to visual storytelling by sending a message that scarf is not only an accessory, but a way to tell your own unique story.

So, thank you for joining us on this creative journey, and we can't wait to share more stories, tips, and inspiration with you in the posts to come. In the meantime, drape your scarves with pride, knowing the creative journey woven into every thread is a story worth sharing.

Until next time!

A. x2


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